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Doctors & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Eye to Eye the leading provider of vision care products and services in Houston.

Here at Eye To Eye, Dr. Michelle M. Hung have examined “healthy” patients of all ages, and some had vision-threatening eye conditions (if not life-threatening). Eye care providers use technology, but eye exams by an optometrist should not be replaced by technology. Not all system or eye conditions have associated symptoms or visual changes, yet can be easily detected with doctor slit lamp and dilated examination. Glaucoma, early signs of macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy can be completely asymptomatic, and without a comprehensive eye examination, all can lead to visually-devastating results. All conditions, including some general health conditions, that an online refraction would miss entirely. We listen to our patients when they share their symptoms and to how they respond to our exams and questions. Then, we manage and treat for the visual, ocular and general health. That, a computer can not do, and we hope you will appreciate the patient care and professional service we provide to you as an individual.

Michelle M. Hung, O.D.

Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Hung is a skilled optometrist with many years of experience in providing professional, caring and top quality eye care in Houston with a focus on building lasting patient relationships. Dr. Hung received her Bachelor of Sciences degree from University of Manitoba in Canada and earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry. Dr. Hung is a board certified optometric glaucoma specialist with years of experience in diagnosing, managing and educating patient on various ocular diseases: Cataract, Glaucoma, Dry eye, Anterior segment and Retinal diseases. Dr. Hung also has extensive experience in fitting various contact lenses including Multifocal, Toric, and gas permeable (RGP) lenses of various designs including Bitoric, Keratoconus, and Multifocal.
Dr. Hung’s Clinical Training included:

  • Vision Health Specialties: Managing Pre-operative and Post-operative surgeries including LASIK, LASEK, cataracts, cornea, and retina.
  • Brooke Army Medical Center: Anterior segment ocular diseases
  • Robert Cizik Eye Clinic ( Hermann Eye Center): Specialty contact lens fitting
  • University Eye Institute: Specialty Pediatric Services Managing Pre-operative and Post-operative surgeries including LASIK, cataracts, cornea and retina.

Dr. Hung and her husband has been Houston Heights residents for over 10 years and love being Members of First Presbyterian Church of Houston. They enjoy facilitating the Looking Toward Marriage Class at FPC and being involved with local arts community such as Houston Art League. Dr. Hung enjoys traveling, live music, cooking, and entertaining friends at her home in The Heights”

The Staff

Justin: Hello my name is Justin Pruneda; I’m the office manager here at Eye to Eye! My goal along with our whole team is to provide the best patient care possible. As well as help you with any and all questions you may have regarding your eye exam, any information about our optical and the frame selections we have to offer. I love spending time with my wife Nancy and our little dog Bucket. I have been here at Eye to Eye or the past year and half and look forward to servicing the Heights community and all surrounding areas for years to come.